Three Mask Wearing Tips That Could Save Your Life

Irvin, Inc. has leveraged our long term relationships with our suppliers to offer our customers two types of face masks for their employees, families and friends. A person can become infected by COVID-19, which is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, by coming in contact with someone who does not exhibit any symptoms.  Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing face coverings while out in public.

However, it is important to note that improper use of face masks will either reduce or negate the protection they are intended to provide.

Below are three mask wearing tips that could save your life.

The Mask Should Cover Both Your Mouth and Nose

You should wear the face mask high enough to cover your mouth all the way up to the bridge of your nose.  It should also be tight and not hang loose on your face.  Otherwise, you can come in direct contact with respiratory droplets that spread the disease.  The mask also collects germs on its exterior. If your nostrils are exposed, then they could come in contact with the outside edge of the mask.

The Mask Should Not Come in Contact With Anything

Do not allow the mask to come into contact with your clothes or anything else that may carry the virus.  When you take the mask off, be careful not to touch the front of the mask.  Instead, remove it by holding the ear loops and place it in a sealed bag or containment area for disposal.

Disposable Masks Should Be Thrown Away After Each Use

It is important to not re-use disposable face masks.  They should be used one time and one time only.  Re-using the face masks could result in cross-contamination.

Your safety is our priority.  We stand ready to help keep you, your family and employees safe!

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