Want Your Billboards
To Make More Money?

Solar Can Help You Do Just That.

Irvin’s EcoSolar systems offer quality LED lighting backed by the customer service you have come to expect!

Why Solar?

Billboards without power in rural locations or those where running electricity is too costly can now be illuminated so they can be easily seen 24/7. Lighted boards result in increased revenue during evening and pre-dawn hours. And, no electric bills mean once Return-On-Investment (ROI) is reached, those increased dollars move straight to your bottom line.

Extensive Research Yields Proven Results

Irvin understands that harnessing the sun’s energy to use in higher wattage applications such as billboards requires a comprehensive understanding of the various components, as well as the environmental factors unique to each potential location. We partner with top solar engineers to develop systems specific to Outdoor Advertising. The result is a series of robust systems, tailor made for our industry.