Solar billboard lighting

Solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting are ideal for systems with a self-contained power source where there is no access to electricity.  In rural areas, incorporating electricity can be extremely costly, making solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting the more affordable illumination of choice.

Solar billboard lights, battery boxes, solar panels, mounting systems and controllers are integral components of a quality solar sign lighting / billboard system.  Irvin is proud to partner with the best sign and billboard LED lights manufacturers and component suppliers in the industry.  We spend countless hours researching and testing all of our solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting products to ensure they are dependable, durable and able to withstand all types of wind and weather.

Solar sign lights and solar billboard lights

Rest easy knowing that your sign/billboard is outfitted with solar sign lights and solar billboard lights versatile enough to meet the requirements of most applications and powerful and bright enough to compete with on-grid units.

Enclosure and batteries

We use batteries that are made in the U.S.A., require minimal maintenance and are designed to deliver reliable, lasting power in areas with frequent deep cycles. Irvin’s easy to mount solar sign lighting and solar billboard lighting enclosures are constructed with galvanized steel and conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards.


Irvin’s EcoSolar Systems use the most advanced MPPT charge controller technology available on the market today.  This allows for full system control and programming, along with real-time data monitoring. The intelligent battery management software prevents excessive discharge and the Bluetooth dongle enables you to gather troubleshooting information without climbing the structure.

Are you ready to save money and compete with on-grid systems? If so, contact Irvin’s solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting specialists today.