Solar Billboard Battery

Solar billboard lighting has revolutionized the overall performance and effectiveness of billboards without power and/or those located in rural areas.  Having the ability to illuminate a billboard 24/7 means increased revenue.  And, for billboards located in areas where electricity is costly, incorporating solar billboard lighting produces a quick and measurable return on investment (ROI). Some […]


When it comes to electronic billboards (a.k.a. LED billboards) quality and design are what matter most!  While there are many LED billboard manufacturers to choose from, you want to make sure your products don’t just stand out, but stand alone.  This is one reason why Irvin is proud to partner with Lightking, the industry’s premier, […]

Return on Investment

If you are looking to improve your company’s bottom line, look no further.  Irvin partners with billboard companies, sign shops and electrical contractors to help them incorporate solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting designed to help maximize profitability while minimizing their carbon footprint. Using the sun’s energy in high wattage situations requires top-notch engineering […]

Featured Billboard Hardware, Billboard Accessories and Billboard Supplies

Irvin features different billboard supplies in our News section each month.  This month, we will highlight popular billboard hardware and billboard accessories including gripper rods, metal sign panels and billboard skirting and aprons. Irvin specializes in billboard supplies and has been a trusted industry expert for more than two decades.  We thoroughly test and research […]

Billboard Supplies

Irvin, Inc. has been the industry’s preferred supplier of billboard supplies for more than two decades.  We set ourselves apart from our competitors because we understand that not all billboard supplies are created equal.  Irvin thoroughly researches and tests each and every line of billboard supplies we offer to ensure quality, reliability and longevity. Our […]

Why LED Billboard Lighting Has Become the Gold Standard in Billboard Light Fixtures

Reliability, brightness, as well as energy and maintenance savings are prompting more outdoor advertising companies than ever to convert their billboard fixtures to LED. Choosing a quality option, one that will provide the most return on investment, can be a challenge. And the initial capital expenditure is substantial. Still, the benefits of utilizing this newer […]

We Look Forward to Meeting You at YESCO!

Irvin, Inc. is excited to attend the annual YESCO Sign and Lighting Service Convention which will be held at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa in Coronado, California from January 16th – 20th.  Denise Irvin Cannon and Michael Irvin will be representing Irvin at this esteemed event which draws industry professionals from throughout the […]

We Look Forward to Meeting You at YESCO!

Soon, all businesses will convert to commercial LED lighting fixtures.  Don’t let a competitor handle commercial LED lighting conversions for your customers. Converting your customers to the right type of commercial LED lighting creates new revenue for you and up to 75% reduction in their electric bills.  Commercial LED outdoor lighting fixtures that may be […]

MarQuee LED

When it comes to billboard lighting, MarQuee LED is considered the industry gold standard.  There are special considerations for outdoor systems.  Billboard light fixtures need to be able to withstand even the toughest of weather – snow, rain, extreme heat, etc.    Hot or dark spots are also something to be avoided with outdoor systems.  Billboards […]


How Irvin’s Partnership with Lightking Benefits You Not all LED billboards are created equally!  Sadly, there are numerous inferior LED billboard manufacturers and sketchy electronic billboard companies all claiming that their LED billboard solution is the best. Irvin chooses not to just claim that our LED billboards are the best; rather we pride ourselves on […]