What to Look for in a LED Billboard Manufacturer
In today’s digital world where everything is bright, vibrant and eye-catching, LED billboards are the future of out of home (OOH) advertising.  The key to a positive return on investment (ROI) is in the details of the LED billboard manufacturer’s products.  Here are some things you should consider when researching LED billboard manufacturers for your next LED billboard project.

Lifespan and ROI

At the inception of the LED billboard industry, the average LED billboard lifespan was 5-7 years.  ROI was often negative and outweighed the advantages of LED billboards.  Modern advancements in LED billboard technology by quality LED billboard manufacturers have extended the average lifespan to well over ten years, making it much more profitable. Irvin only partners with the best LED billboard manufacturer, ensuring a much higher ROI for your bottom line.

Installation and ROI

Another factor to consider when engaging a LED billboard manufacturer for your LED billboard project is installation cost.  Most of the current LED billboards require existing structures to be modified to support the added weight and wind load of the LED billboard panels, increasing the initial cost and adversely affecting ROI.  Irvin, in partnership with Lightking, can often eliminate the need for these modifications saving both time and installation cost.

Operational Cost and ROI

There are many operational costs to consider when discussing your next LED billboard venture with a LED billboard manufacturer.  Not all LED billboards are the same!  Many traditional LED billboard manufacturer designs require cooling fans and large power supplies.  Lightking’s proprietary technology eliminates the need for cooling fans used in traditional box style LED billboards. This design and the use of high efficiency power supplies cuts operational costs to a minimum, increasing your ROI even more.

Thinking about converting your structure to an eye-catching LED billboard? Contact Irvin’s experts today!