Why LED Billboard Lighting Has Become the Gold Standard in Billboard Light Fixtures

Reliability, brightness, as well as energy and maintenance savings are prompting more outdoor advertising companies than ever to convert their billboard fixtures to LED.

Choosing a quality option, one that will provide the most return on investment, can be a challenge. And the initial capital expenditure is substantial. Still, the benefits of utilizing this newer technology on structures are vast compared to metal halide, high pressure sodium or induction, and include:

  1. Color Clarity – LED lighting appears much brighter than traditional illumination, so LED lit billboards stand out at night. Reds look redder. Whites look whiter.
  2. Longevity – LED billboard light fixtures last several years longer than traditional lighting.
  3. Low Maintenance – Billboard LED lighting require virtually no maintenance. Bulb and ballast change outs are a thing of the past.
  4. Energy Savings – LED billboard light fixtures require far less power to operate than traditional fixtures, which translates into fewer dollars spent on electric every month.

All LED fixtures tout the above benefits. But inferior products will not stand the test of time. Investing in high quality LED billboard fixtures now can save significant time and money in the future.

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