Featured Billboard Hardware, Billboard Accessories and Billboard Supplies

Irvin features different billboard supplies in our News section each month.  This month, we will highlight popular billboard hardware and billboard accessories including gripper rods, metal sign panels and billboard skirting and aprons. Irvin specializes in billboard supplies and has been a trusted industry expert for more than two decades.  We thoroughly test and research all billboard accessories and billboard hardware products to ensure we provide our customers with quality solutions that are easy to install are proven to save money over time.

Let’s take a look at this month’s featured billboard supplies:

Premium Solid Fiberglass Gripper Rods

Gripper rods are must have billboard hardware, and Irvin stocks only the best!  Constructed with sold fiberglass, they are strong but not heavy.  Fiberglass gripper rods will never rust, don’t need painting, are non-conductive, easy to transport and install and have an impressive longevity.
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Metal Sign Panels

Irvin’s metal sign panels can be customized to fit any size billboard.  This billboard hardware is durable and able to accommodate both wood and steel structures.  They are also easy to clean and assemble and have a low production cost.
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FiberSkirt Billboard Skirting/Apron

One of Irvin’s most popular billboard accessories, the FiberSkirt billboard skirting is lightweight and constructed with solid fiberglass.  It is rust resistant, never needs painting, non-conductive and features a fast set-up.  FiberSkirt billboard skirting is durable enough to accommodate both wood and steel structures.  Available in custom colors, shapes, and textured finishes.
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Your Irvin billboard supplies experts stand ready to assist you with all of your billboard hardware needs!