Featured Billboard Hardware and Supplies

Irvin finds that some of our customers are not aware of the full scope of products we represent. For instance, we have long-time customers who have purchased billboard supplies from us since the inception of their business. However, they did not realize we have expanded our product lines to include billboard LED lighting and solar billboard lights.  Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for not just billboard hardware, but for any and all of your outdoor advertising/billboard needs.  Let’s take a look at this month’s featured billboard supplies:

Billboard Catwalk

Irvin’s Unistrut® billboard catwalk / walkway solutions are manufactured with superior quality materials, constructed for reliability and durability, and designed for easy installation.  The Unistrut® billboard catwalk is available in a wide in a range of sizes (2ft, 3ft, 4ft widths), exceeds OSHA standards, and is made in the U.S.A.

Solar Billboard Light

Irvin has conducted extensive testing and research to identify the industry’s most trusted solar billboard lighting products.  We partner with top solar engineers to ensure the products we represent deliver unmatched performance. In fact, Irvin’s solar billboard lights are so reliable and robust, they give “on grid” applications quite a run for their money!

Billboard LED Lighting

Irvin’s signature, patented Marquee LED is the country’s best-selling billboard LED lighting solution.  There are currently 160,000+ units in the market and that number continues to grow.  Quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance translate into a quick return-on-investment and boost in your bottom line.

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