How Irvin’s Partnership with Lightking Benefits You

Irvin and LightkingNot all LED billboards are created equally!  Sadly, there are numerous inferior LED billboard manufacturers and sketchy electronic billboard companies all claiming that their LED billboard solution is the best. Irvin chooses not to just claim that our LED billboards are the best; rather we pride ourselves on proving why Irvin should be your one and only “go to” electronic billboard company.

First, whether it is billboard supplies, billboard lighting or LED billboards, you can count on Irvin to do our homework. We’ve investigated and extensively researched multitudes of LED billboard manufacturers, electronic billboard companies and LED billboard products on the market. Of all of the LED billboard manufacturers, we found Lightking to have the most advanced and superior LED billboard and digital sign solutions available today.

In fact, Lightking’s Air Series not only stands out, it stands alone.  The game has truly changed:

  • The Lightking LED billboard is 50% lighter than those offered by other electronic billboard companies.
  • Air Series LED billboards carry 20% less wind load
  • With 6mm pixel pitch and 368 pixels per square foot, no other LED billboard manufacturer makes a sharper or brighter product.
  • Lightking’s patented exoskeleton reduces potential heat and contaminant failure of LED billboards, while the proprietary power supply reduces heat by 50%.

Additionally, the Air Series LED billboards and digital signs are easy and safe to install.  They feature the highest quality chip and LED technology available, thus reducing the washout and tiling you see with products distributed by other electronic billboard companies.  To top it off, the flow through louver design offers a 20% reflection washout reduction!

As you can see, Lightking is the industry’s premier LED billboard manufacturer.  And, with Irvin being the most trusted electronic billboard company in the business, our partnership with Lightking offers an incredible benefit for our valued clients.

Contact Irvin to find out how our Lightking LED billboards benefit your clients and revolutionize your business.