Solar Billboard Battery
Solar billboard lighting has revolutionized the overall performance and effectiveness of billboards without power and/or those located in rural areas.  Having the ability to illuminate a billboard 24/7 means increased revenue.  And, for billboards located in areas where electricity is costly, incorporating solar billboard lighting produces a quick and measurable return on investment (ROI).

Some argue that the most important part of a solar billboard lighting system is the type of solar billboard battery used. Irvin partners with one of the few solar billboard battery manufacturers who produce batteries that are suitable for renewable energy systems.  It is important to make sure that any solar billboard battery utilized in your system is reliable, requires little maintenance, is engineered to provide long-lasting power and is able to accommodate frequent deep cycles.

Using quality solar billboard battery boxes is also just as important.  Important features that make Irvin’s solar battery boxes superior than the competition include:

  • Easy to mount (universal mounting brackets)
  • Lockable
  • Vented
  • Conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards for outdoor enclosures
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Irvin’s solar billboard battery solutions have been tested and proven to be the one of the longest lasting battery systems on the market.  If you are considering solar billboard lighting, please give us a call.   We can develop a customized solar lighting plan to help ensure you see a healthy return on your investment.


When it comes to electronic billboards (a.k.a. LED billboards) quality and design are what matter most!  While there are many LED billboard manufacturers to choose from, you want to make sure your products don’t just stand out, but stand alone.  This is one reason why Irvin is proud to partner with Lightking, the industry’s premier, most trusted LED billboard manufacturer.  When Irvin entered the electronic billboard market, we treated the product the same as the others we choose to represent.  We did our research, conducted testing and met extensively with Lightking’s management and design team to ensure that Irvin offers our customers the best quality LED billboards in the business.

Quality is key when it comes to the electronic billboard experience.  If the content is not sharp and readable, then it will not effectively convey the message.  Irvin’s LED billboards feature 16mm pixel pitch and 368 pixels per square foot to accommodate vibrant colors at different viewing angles.

Once you’ve invested in a quality electronic billboard, the next step is making sure your team is trained on best practices for electronic billboard graphic design.  For the most part, the rules are very similar to traditional billboard graphic design and include using large, sans-serif, bold fonts; staying away from white backgrounds; conveying a single message; maintaining brand standards (i.e. avoiding alternate uses of your logo) and keeping the design simple (i.e. avoiding too much text and photos).

Incorporating quality LED billboards into your company’s offerings can lead to a substantial increase in your bottom line.  More and more companies are opting to incorporate this engaging and eye-catching advertising strategy into their marketing mix.  Irvin is ready to partner with you to explore the best and most profitable electronic billboard options for your company.



If you are looking to improve your company’s bottom line, look no further.  Irvin partners with billboard companies, sign shops and electrical contractors to help them incorporate solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting designed to help maximize profitability while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Using the sun’s energy in high wattage situations requires top-notch engineering and a comprehensive understanding of all billboard components and location specific environmental factors.  This is why Irvin only partners with the industries top solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting engineers and manufacturers.

Irvin is your one-stop shop for everything related to solar billboard lights and solar sign lighting.  We work with companies to customize packages for each of their desired locations to ensure optimal results.

Let’s take a look at some of the solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting components Irvin offers:

  1. LED solar lighting fixtures – Features quality construction and engineering designed to compete with “on grid” units.
  2. Batteries and enclosures – Effective and efficient solar lighting is dependent on quality batteries. Irvin’s batteries are engineered to offer long-lasting power, even in frequent deep cycle situations.  The vented, lockable battery boxes are constructed with galvanized steel and conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards.  And, they are easy to mount.
  3. Solar panels and mounting systems – Irvin offers both top and side-pole mounting solution which are compatible with 70W-500W panels. This allows for a full 360-degree azimuth adjustment.  And, let’s not forget to mention a 0 to 90-degree tilt.
  4. Controllers and compatible Bluetooth dongle – Irvin’s system features programmable light control, real time data monitoring, intelligent battery management and 30-day performance history. This, coupled with the Bluetooth dongle that allows for gathering of data on-site via a smartphone or tablet, helps protect the integrity and performance of the system.

If you are ready to save money and are seeking a solution with a quick return on investment, give us a call. Irvin’s solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting specialists are here to help!

Featured Billboard Hardware, Billboard Accessories and Billboard Supplies

Irvin features different billboard supplies in our News section each month.  This month, we will highlight popular billboard hardware and billboard accessories including gripper rods, metal sign panels and billboard skirting and aprons. Irvin specializes in billboard supplies and has been a trusted industry expert for more than two decades.  We thoroughly test and research all billboard accessories and billboard hardware products to ensure we provide our customers with quality solutions that are easy to install are proven to save money over time.

Let’s take a look at this month’s featured billboard supplies:

Premium Solid Fiberglass Gripper Rods

Gripper rods are must have billboard hardware, and Irvin stocks only the best!  Constructed with sold fiberglass, they are strong but not heavy.  Fiberglass gripper rods will never rust, don’t need painting, are non-conductive, easy to transport and install and have an impressive longevity.
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Metal Sign Panels

Irvin’s metal sign panels can be customized to fit any size billboard.  This billboard hardware is durable and able to accommodate both wood and steel structures.  They are also easy to clean and assemble and have a low production cost.
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FiberSkirt Billboard Skirting/Apron

One of Irvin’s most popular billboard accessories, the FiberSkirt billboard skirting is lightweight and constructed with solid fiberglass.  It is rust resistant, never needs painting, non-conductive and features a fast set-up.  FiberSkirt billboard skirting is durable enough to accommodate both wood and steel structures.  Available in custom colors, shapes, and textured finishes.
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Your Irvin billboard supplies experts stand ready to assist you with all of your billboard hardware needs!


Irvin, Inc. has been the industry’s preferred supplier of billboard supplies for more than two decades.  We set ourselves apart from our competitors because we understand that not all billboard supplies are created equal.  Irvin thoroughly researches and tests each and every line of billboard supplies we offer to ensure quality, reliability and longevity.

Our News section will feature an overview of different billboard supplies each month. Our billboard supplies experts are always available to consult with you and help you determine which products best fit your needs.

Featured billboard supplies this month include:

Safety Cable and Fittings

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why you simply cannot afford to compromise when it comes to safety cables and fittings.  Irvin’s corrosion resistant fittings meet all industry load and safety requirements.


This staple is what launched Irvin into the billboard supplies industry more than two decades ago.  We still sell more ratchets than all other billboard suppliers combined because our ratchets are easy to use and designed for longevity.

LED Billboard Lighting

The marketplace is flooded with LED billboard lighting options.  Irvin’s LED billboard lighting is guaranteed to impress, with an unmatched  performance of 239,000 hours at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.  Inclement weather, including heavy snow, is never a problem.  And, upgrades are easy to install.

Contact an Irvin billboard supplies expert today.


Why LED Billboard Lighting Has Become the Gold Standard in Billboard Light Fixtures

Reliability, brightness, as well as energy and maintenance savings are prompting more outdoor advertising companies than ever to convert their billboard fixtures to LED.

Choosing a quality option, one that will provide the most return on investment, can be a challenge. And the initial capital expenditure is substantial. Still, the benefits of utilizing this newer technology on structures are vast compared to metal halide, high pressure sodium or induction, and include:

  1. Color Clarity – LED lighting appears much brighter than traditional illumination, so LED lit billboards stand out at night. Reds look redder. Whites look whiter.
  2. Longevity – LED billboard light fixtures last several years longer than traditional lighting.
  3. Low Maintenance – Billboard LED lighting require virtually no maintenance. Bulb and ballast change outs are a thing of the past.
  4. Energy Savings – LED billboard light fixtures require far less power to operate than traditional fixtures, which translates into fewer dollars spent on electric every month.

All LED fixtures tout the above benefits. But inferior products will not stand the test of time. Investing in high quality LED billboard fixtures now can save significant time and money in the future.

Interested in learning more about what some of the largest names in Outdoor Advertising have used to convert their structures? Visit

As a premier supplier to Outdoor Advertising for more than two decades, Irvin exclusively carries MarQuee LED, the best-selling LED billboard fixture in the marketplace, with nearly 200,000 units sold throughout the US in the past five years.


Irvin, Inc. is excited to attend the annual YESCO Sign and Lighting Service Convention which will be held at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa in Coronado, California from January 16th – 20th.  Denise Irvin Cannon and Michael Irvin will be representing Irvin at this esteemed event which draws industry professionals from throughout the country.  Denise and Michael will be discussing how companies can increase their bottom lines and return on investment (ROI) with LED lighting and LED billboard light fixtures.   Come talk with us and learn more about why Irvin is considered the premier billboard lights supplier and LED lighting company in the country. We will specifically be focusing on:

  • Linear Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Wall Washing Lights
  • High Bay Lighting
  • Canopy Lighting
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Post Top Lighting
  • Billboard Lighting
  • High Mast Lighting
  • Wall Pack Lighting
  • Goosenecks Lighting
  • Corns Lights
  • Wall Packs Lighting
  • Sports Area Lighting
  • Box Sign Lighting
  • MarQuee LED Lighting

Speaking of MarQuee LED, our billboard supplies division proudly supplies YESCO with our premier line of billboard light fixtures.  Irvin will be presenting on Friday, January 19th at 6:00pm Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa, 2000 Second Street, Coronado, CA  92118, so be sure to catch our presentation and stop by to say, “hi”!

Soon, all businesses will convert to commercial LED lighting fixtures.  Don’t let a competitor handle commercial LED lighting conversions for your customers. Converting your customers to the right type of commercial LED lighting creates new revenue for you and up to 75% reduction in their electric bills.  Commercial LED outdoor lighting fixtures that may be converted include:

  • Parking lot lights
  • Commercial LED warehouse exterior wall lights
  • Sports venue lights
  • Commercial LED wall lighting
  • Exterior commercial building lighting
  • Commercial LED exterior wall lights

While companies come and go, you can count on Irvin to be a reliable, solid resource and partner to help you grow.  We know the business, and have been in business for more than two decades.

  • Irvin only partners with the best LED lighting manufacturers in the United States.
  • As one of the country’s most trusted LED light suppliers, we have long standing relationships with vetted suppliers with proven track records of manufacturing quality and reliable products.
  • Lumens, kelvins, photometrics, IP ratings …. we’ve done the research and tested countless products to ensure we deliver only the best lighting solutions to our valued clients.

We recognize the hard work you have put into building, cultivating, and solidifying customers loyalty. Irvin takes special care to ensure your installation is running on the highest quality LED lighting products, all backed by the best warranties in the business and Irvin’s dedicated customer support team.

Bottom line, Irvin’s lighting solutions offer a quick return on investment for both you and your customers!

Cone meet us and learn more!  We will be at the annual YESCO Sign and Lighting Service Convention Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa, 2000 Second Street, Coronado, CA  92118, from January 18th – 20th.  If you cannot make YESCO, give us a call at (800) 474-7846.  We will be happy to talk with you about how a partnership with Irvin can help grow and expand your business.

When it comes to billboard lighting, MarQuee LED is considered the industry gold standard.  There are special considerations for outdoor systems.  Billboard light fixtures need to be able to withstand even the toughest of weather – snow, rain, extreme heat, etc.    Hot or dark spots are also something to be avoided with outdoor systems.  Billboards require a reliable solution with a long LED life.  MarQuee LED is the one billboard light fixture that offers it all.

Total Internal Reflectance Optics

MarQuee’s patented total internal reflectance (TIR) optics allow each LED to cover a large portion of the billboard face.  In some cases, one LED billboard light fixture is actually powerful enough to cover the entire face.  This is in contrast to other outdoor systems.  Billboard lighting fixtures that use reflectors in conjunction to LEDs are not ideal because if one goes out, it is very noticeable. MarQuee LED billboard lighting is so powerful, should one go out, it would be unrecognizable to the naked eye.

Something to Grow Into

MarQuee LEDs modular brick design accounts for future improvements in LED.  This means that you can use the same billboard light fixtures as LED technology continues to advance.

Made in the USA

We are proud to carry products such as MarQuee LED billboard lighting that are made right here in the USA.

Water Tight and Weather Proof

This is one of the most important aspects of an outdoor system.  Billboard light fixtures that are just sealed run the risk of the seal failing.  All MarQuee LED components are water rated and designed to withstand rain. And, snow build-up is never an issue with MarQuee billboard light fixtures because the face/lens actually sits vertical rather than horizontal.

If you need a proven LED billboard lighting solution that offers significant reliability and savings, look no further. Contact Irvin to find out how MarQuee LED billboard lighting can work for you.

How Irvin’s Partnership with Lightking Benefits You

Irvin and LightkingNot all LED billboards are created equally!  Sadly, there are numerous inferior LED billboard manufacturers and sketchy electronic billboard companies all claiming that their LED billboard solution is the best. Irvin chooses not to just claim that our LED billboards are the best; rather we pride ourselves on proving why Irvin should be your one and only “go to” electronic billboard company.

First, whether it is billboard supplies, billboard lighting or LED billboards, you can count on Irvin to do our homework. We’ve investigated and extensively researched multitudes of LED billboard manufacturers, electronic billboard companies and LED billboard products on the market. Of all of the LED billboard manufacturers, we found Lightking to have the most advanced and superior LED billboard and digital sign solutions available today.

In fact, Lightking’s Air Series not only stands out, it stands alone.  The game has truly changed:

  • The Lightking LED billboard is 50% lighter than those offered by other electronic billboard companies.
  • Air Series LED billboards carry 20% less wind load
  • With 6mm pixel pitch and 368 pixels per square foot, no other LED billboard manufacturer makes a sharper or brighter product.
  • Lightking’s patented exoskeleton reduces potential heat and contaminant failure of LED billboards, while the proprietary power supply reduces heat by 50%.

Additionally, the Air Series LED billboards and digital signs are easy and safe to install.  They feature the highest quality chip and LED technology available, thus reducing the washout and tiling you see with products distributed by other electronic billboard companies.  To top it off, the flow through louver design offers a 20% reflection washout reduction!

As you can see, Lightking is the industry’s premier LED billboard manufacturer.  And, with Irvin being the most trusted electronic billboard company in the business, our partnership with Lightking offers an incredible benefit for our valued clients.

Contact Irvin to find out how our Lightking LED billboards benefit your clients and revolutionize your business.