Questions to Ask When Considering LED Billboard Lighting Options


LED billboard lighting

LED billboard lighting options can be confusing at best.  The good news is that partnering with the right billboard LED lights supplier can save you significant money over the long term and yield an impressive return on investment.  The bad news is there are many LED billboard lights suppliers offering inferior products that may seem less expensive now, but end up costing you big time in maintenance, performance, and pre-mature need for replacement.

How do you know what LED billboard lighting options are best for your application?  You should first start with engaging an experienced and qualified LED billboard lights supplier.  Here are some good questions to ask when interviewing potential partners:

  1. How long has the LED billboard lights supplier been in business?

There are many fly-by-night companies that are in business today and out of business tomorrow.  You want a LED billboard lights supplier that stands by their products and stays in business. Irvin has been a leading and trusted billboard supplies provider for more than two decades.  When it comes to billboard hardware and LED billboard lighting options, we put all of our products to the test before making them available to our valued customers.

  1. What are the product specifications?

There are many copycat and inferior products flooding the marketplace. Marquee LED’s patented technology delivers advanced features including reduced operating costs, easy mounting, water resistance, environmentally safe and more.  Ask your Irvin billboard lights specialist about what makes Marquee LED the country’s best-selling LED billboard lighting.

  1. Can you show me a calculation of approximate cost savings?

It’s important to understand how LED can save you money. Your Irvin LED billboard lights specialist can help calculate your estimated annual cost savings.  We’ve also developed a general cost savings guide.

Are you ready to take your billboards – and customers – to the next level?  If so, give us a call to learn more about how our LED billboard lighting options can transform your business.

Solar Billboard Lighting and Solar Sign Lighting Solutions


Solar billboard lighting

Solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting are ideal for systems with a self-contained power source where there is no access to electricity.  In rural areas, incorporating electricity can be extremely costly, making solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting the more affordable illumination of choice.

Solar billboard lights, battery boxes, solar panels, mounting systems and controllers are integral components of a quality solar sign lighting / billboard system.  Irvin is proud to partner with the best sign and billboard LED lights manufacturers and component suppliers in the industry.  We spend countless hours researching and testing all of our solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting products to ensure they are dependable, durable and able to withstand all types of wind and weather.

Solar sign lights and solar billboard lights

Rest easy knowing that your sign/billboard is outfitted with solar sign lights and solar billboard lights versatile enough to meet the requirements of most applications and powerful and bright enough to compete with on-grid units.

Enclosure and batteries

We use batteries that are made in the U.S.A., require minimal maintenance and are designed to deliver reliable, lasting power in areas with frequent deep cycles. Irvin’s easy to mount solar sign lighting and solar billboard lighting enclosures are constructed with galvanized steel and conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards.


Irvin’s EcoSolar Systems use the most advanced MPPT charge controller technology available on the market today.  This allows for full system control and programming, along with real-time data monitoring. The intelligent battery management software prevents excessive discharge and the Bluetooth dongle enables you to gather troubleshooting information without climbing the structure.

Are you ready to save money and compete with on-grid systems? If so, contact Irvin’s solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting specialists today.

Billboard LED Lights Manufacturers – We Partner with Only the Best

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Billboard LED Lights Manufacturers – We Partner with Only the Best
Converting your billboard lighting can be one of the best decisions you make or…

Avoiding the “or” in a decision-making process is what Irvin is here for.  There are thousands of billboard LED lights manufacturers to choose from, so why choose Irvin as your billboard LED lighting source?

Decades of Experience

Irvin’s decades of experience in the billboard supplies industry means we know what works!  Our experts research and source only the best billboard LED lighting from the highest quality billboard LED lights manufacturers.  Our reputation depends on it!

Return on Investment (ROI)

We know your decision revolves around ROI.  The only way realize the maximum ROI is to choose a billboard LED lights manufacturer that provides the most efficient, highest quality, longest lasting billboard LED lighting available.  Irvin only partners with the best and we stand by our products.

Maximum Impact

Ensuring your messaging platform stands out above the rest is what we do.  Our professional staff is ready to help you reach the next level in billboard LED lighting.  By partnering with only the top billboard LED lights manufacturers in the world, we make sure your billboard is brighter, clearer, and more vivid so the message has the maximum impact on the viewer.

Let Irvin’s decades of experience in the billboard lighting industry help you avoid the “or” on your next billboard LED lighting project.  We partner with only the world’s best billboard LED lights manufacturers.  This, coupled with our vast knowledgeable staff with decades of experience, makes Irvin is your best choice and “one-stop shop” for billboard LED lighting.

LED Lighting – An Additional Revenue Stream for Your Business

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LED Lighting – An Additional Revenue Stream for Your Business
Today’s ever-changing business landscape often requires companies to expand their offerings and diversify their clientele to boost their overall bottom line.  LED lighting is a sure way to expand your offerings to benefit both you and your customers.  There are several factors to consider when choosing a LED lighting supplier.

LED Lighting Availability

There are literally thousands of LED lighting manufacturers to choose from.  Irvin has the experts and partnerships with top LED lighting suppliers in the world to ensure the stock you need is available when you need it.  Expanding your business offerings to include LED lighting is seamless and pain free when Irvin has your back!

LED Lighting Quality

Not all LED lighting is created equal.  You must consider quality when expanding your business into  LED lighting.  Irvin knows quality and will provide you only the best LED lighting solutions, ensuring both you and your clients receive the highest quality LED lighting technology available on the market.  Our experts can quickly help you transition into a new revenue stream for your business.

LED Lighting Longevity

Again, not all LED lighting is the same…  Irvin partners with only the best suppliers to provide your clients with the longest lasting, most efficient LED lighting available.  Converting your clients lighting must first be advantageous to them.  When changing to LED lighting, your clients will immediately see return on investment (ROI) in reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Looking for a way to increase your bottom line?  If so, Irvin has the LED lighting supplies you need to start saving your clients money and diversify your business into a new revenue stream.  Contact our LED lighting experts to get started today.

What to Look for in a LED Billboard Manufacturer

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What to Look for in a LED Billboard Manufacturer
In today’s digital world where everything is bright, vibrant and eye-catching, LED billboards are the future of out of home (OOH) advertising.  The key to a positive return on investment (ROI) is in the details of the LED billboard manufacturer’s products.  Here are some things you should consider when researching LED billboard manufacturers for your next LED billboard project.

Lifespan and ROI

At the inception of the LED billboard industry, the average LED billboard lifespan was 5-7 years.  ROI was often negative and outweighed the advantages of LED billboards.  Modern advancements in LED billboard technology by quality LED billboard manufacturers have extended the average lifespan to well over ten years, making it much more profitable. Irvin only partners with the best LED billboard manufacturer, ensuring a much higher ROI for your bottom line.

Installation and ROI

Another factor to consider when engaging a LED billboard manufacturer for your LED billboard project is installation cost.  Most of the current LED billboards require existing structures to be modified to support the added weight and wind load of the LED billboard panels, increasing the initial cost and adversely affecting ROI.  Irvin, in partnership with Lightking, can often eliminate the need for these modifications saving both time and installation cost.

Operational Cost and ROI

There are many operational costs to consider when discussing your next LED billboard venture with a LED billboard manufacturer.  Not all LED billboards are the same!  Many traditional LED billboard manufacturer designs require cooling fans and large power supplies.  Lightking’s proprietary technology eliminates the need for cooling fans used in traditional box style LED billboards. This design and the use of high efficiency power supplies cuts operational costs to a minimum, increasing your ROI even more.

Thinking about converting your structure to an eye-catching LED billboard? Contact Irvin’s experts today!

Irvin is the Industry’s Trusted Billboard LED Lights Supplier and Here’s Why…

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Choices, choices and more choices.  The market is flooded with companies, each claiming to be a “quality” billboard LED lights supplier. The problem is that the good majority of these companies have popped up over the past few years and are willing to sell any type of product just to make a sale.  Irvin is not a typical billboard lights supplier. We have been in business for more than two decades.  And, we don’t focus on just “making the sale;” we form long-term relationships and partnerships with our customers.

Irvin has earned the reputation of being the industry’s most trusted billboard LED lights supplier.  Unlike the typical billboard lights supplier who will sell anything to make a profit, we take great care in testing each and every product we offer.  Here is what makes Irvin’s MarqueeLED the most sought-after billboard LED lighting solution:

  • Longest LED life – more than twice that of most LEDs
  • Total Internal Reflectance (TIR) optics, eliminating the need for reflectors
  • No hot spots
  • No dark spots
  • DesignLights Consortium® Compliance
  • Water and weather tight
  • Patent pending “brick” design to accommodate future LED lighting technology
  • Solar option available
  • Made in the U.S.A

Billboard LED lighting is the wave of the future.

Companies who invest in billboard LED lighting experience an almost immediate return on investment in the form of significantly reduced electricity use.  And, because Marquee LED systems have the longest LED life, they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as inferior billboard LED lighting options.

Featured Billboard Hardware and Billboard Supplies


Featured Billboard Hardware and Supplies

Irvin finds that some of our customers are not aware of the full scope of products we represent. For instance, we have long-time customers who have purchased billboard supplies from us since the inception of their business. However, they did not realize we have expanded our product lines to include billboard LED lighting and solar billboard lights.  Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for not just billboard hardware, but for any and all of your outdoor advertising/billboard needs.  Let’s take a look at this month’s featured billboard supplies:

Billboard Catwalk

Irvin’s Unistrut® billboard catwalk / walkway solutions are manufactured with superior quality materials, constructed for reliability and durability, and designed for easy installation.  The Unistrut® billboard catwalk is available in a wide in a range of sizes (2ft, 3ft, 4ft widths), exceeds OSHA standards, and is made in the U.S.A.

Solar Billboard Light

Irvin has conducted extensive testing and research to identify the industry’s most trusted solar billboard lighting products.  We partner with top solar engineers to ensure the products we represent deliver unmatched performance. In fact, Irvin’s solar billboard lights are so reliable and robust, they give “on grid” applications quite a run for their money!

Billboard LED Lighting

Irvin’s signature, patented Marquee LED is the country’s best-selling billboard LED lighting solution.  There are currently 160,000+ units in the market and that number continues to grow.  Quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance translate into a quick return-on-investment and boost in your bottom line.

Contact Irvin today to learn more about how these and other quality products offer an impressive return on investment


What to Look for When Choosing a Solar Billboard Battery

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Solar Billboard Battery
Solar billboard lighting has revolutionized the overall performance and effectiveness of billboards without power and/or those located in rural areas.  Having the ability to illuminate a billboard 24/7 means increased revenue.  And, for billboards located in areas where electricity is costly, incorporating solar billboard lighting produces a quick and measurable return on investment (ROI).

Some argue that the most important part of a solar billboard lighting system is the type of solar billboard battery used. Irvin partners with one of the few solar billboard battery manufacturers who produce batteries that are suitable for renewable energy systems.  It is important to make sure that any solar billboard battery utilized in your system is reliable, requires little maintenance, is engineered to provide long-lasting power and is able to accommodate frequent deep cycles.

Using quality solar billboard battery boxes is also just as important.  Important features that make Irvin’s solar battery boxes superior than the competition include:

  • Easy to mount (universal mounting brackets)
  • Lockable
  • Vented
  • Conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards for outdoor enclosures
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Irvin’s solar billboard battery solutions have been tested and proven to be the one of the longest lasting battery systems on the market.  If you are considering solar billboard lighting, please give us a call.   We can develop a customized solar lighting plan to help ensure you see a healthy return on your investment.


Electronic Billboards – Quality and Design Matter!


When it comes to electronic billboards (a.k.a. LED billboards) quality and design are what matter most!  While there are many LED billboard manufacturers to choose from, you want to make sure your products don’t just stand out, but stand alone.  This is one reason why Irvin is proud to partner with Lightking, the industry’s premier, most trusted LED billboard manufacturer.  When Irvin entered the electronic billboard market, we treated the product the same as the others we choose to represent.  We did our research, conducted testing and met extensively with Lightking’s management and design team to ensure that Irvin offers our customers the best quality LED billboards in the business.

Quality is key when it comes to the electronic billboard experience.  If the content is not sharp and readable, then it will not effectively convey the message.  Irvin’s LED billboards feature 16mm pixel pitch and 368 pixels per square foot to accommodate vibrant colors at different viewing angles.

Once you’ve invested in a quality electronic billboard, the next step is making sure your team is trained on best practices for electronic billboard graphic design.  For the most part, the rules are very similar to traditional billboard graphic design and include using large, sans-serif, bold fonts; staying away from white backgrounds; conveying a single message; maintaining brand standards (i.e. avoiding alternate uses of your logo) and keeping the design simple (i.e. avoiding too much text and photos).

Incorporating quality LED billboards into your company’s offerings can lead to a substantial increase in your bottom line.  More and more companies are opting to incorporate this engaging and eye-catching advertising strategy into their marketing mix.  Irvin is ready to partner with you to explore the best and most profitable electronic billboard options for your company.



Solar Billboard Lights and Solar Sign Lighting Offer a Quick Return on Investment


If you are looking to improve your company’s bottom line, look no further.  Irvin partners with billboard companies, sign shops and electrical contractors to help them incorporate solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting designed to help maximize profitability while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Using the sun’s energy in high wattage situations requires top-notch engineering and a comprehensive understanding of all billboard components and location specific environmental factors.  This is why Irvin only partners with the industries top solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting engineers and manufacturers.

Irvin is your one-stop shop for everything related to solar billboard lights and solar sign lighting.  We work with companies to customize packages for each of their desired locations to ensure optimal results.

Let’s take a look at some of the solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting components Irvin offers:

  1. LED solar lighting fixtures – Features quality construction and engineering designed to compete with “on grid” units.
  2. Batteries and enclosures – Effective and efficient solar lighting is dependent on quality batteries. Irvin’s batteries are engineered to offer long-lasting power, even in frequent deep cycle situations.  The vented, lockable battery boxes are constructed with galvanized steel and conform with NEMA 3R and IP22 rating standards.  And, they are easy to mount.
  3. Solar panels and mounting systems – Irvin offers both top and side-pole mounting solution which are compatible with 70W-500W panels. This allows for a full 360-degree azimuth adjustment.  And, let’s not forget to mention a 0 to 90-degree tilt.
  4. Controllers and compatible Bluetooth dongle – Irvin’s system features programmable light control, real time data monitoring, intelligent battery management and 30-day performance history. This, coupled with the Bluetooth dongle that allows for gathering of data on-site via a smartphone or tablet, helps protect the integrity and performance of the system.

If you are ready to save money and are seeking a solution with a quick return on investment, give us a call. Irvin’s solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting specialists are here to help!