American Outdoor Eco Solar

American Outdoor Advertising,  Phoenix, AZ

The Opportunity

American Outdoor had three premiere locations without power.  Certain more revenue could be generated with additional night-time viewing hours, the company’s management explored running power to the sites. That proposition, however, proved highly cost prohibitive. American wanted to keep cost contained but still find a way to illuminate the structures for several hours per night.

Our Solution

Irvin worked with American’s installers to create site-specific systems, utilizing our economical 38W fixtures. Two-fixture systems with 7-8 hour run-times were the perfect fit.


American Outdoor has been able to drive the advertising rate up at each site. Customers are happy because they’re getting more daily views and American is adding to its bottom line.

“Irvin’s solar packages (installed in June 2016) have been working great from day one and have exceeded my expectations. The lighting on each sign is evenly spread with no gaps and looks better than most of our traditionally lit signs. I recommend anyone wanting to use quality solar billboard lighting systems to call Irvin. If we have a need for more solar in the future, Irvin will be our vendor of choice.”
Troy Carlson
Account Manager
American Outdoor Advertising