Billboard Supplies

Irvin, Inc. has been the industry’s preferred supplier of billboard supplies for more than two decades.  We set ourselves apart from our competitors because we understand that not all billboard supplies are created equal.  Irvin thoroughly researches and tests each and every line of billboard supplies we offer to ensure quality, reliability and longevity.

Our News section will feature an overview of different billboard supplies each month. Our billboard supplies experts are always available to consult with you and help you determine which products best fit your needs.

Featured billboard supplies this month include:

Safety Cable and Fittings

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why you simply cannot afford to compromise when it comes to safety cables and fittings.  Irvin’s corrosion resistant fittings meet all industry load and safety requirements.


This staple is what launched Irvin into the billboard supplies industry more than two decades ago.  We still sell more ratchets than all other billboard suppliers combined because our ratchets are easy to use and designed for longevity.

LED Billboard Lighting

The marketplace is flooded with LED billboard lighting options.  Irvin’s LED billboard lighting is guaranteed to impress, with an unmatched  performance of 239,000 hours at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.  Inclement weather, including heavy snow, is never a problem.  And, upgrades are easy to install.

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