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For more than two decades, Irvin has made a name for itself servicing the largest and most respected power houses in Outdoor Advertising. Two simple products for billboards laid the foundation for a family-owned and operated business with an equally simple mission – offer quality solutions at fair prices, grounded in integrity and commitment. The mission paid off, paving the way for growth that would position Irvin as a top supplier within the industry. In recent years, Irvin was instrumental in the market introduction of the best-selling billboard light in the U.S. That unit’s unprecedented success paved the way for more lighting endeavors, as quality manufacturers sought partnerships to continue this success in expanded markets. It is an exciting time, indeed. And while Irvin continues to grow, our mission does not waiver. Integrity in all that we do and a commitment you, the customer, remains paramount.

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20 years experience and industry knowledge at your disposal


Competent, efficient and friendly staff of seasoned professionals


You will be able to choose from a large range of solutions


You make decisions based on the best fit for your needs